• Ready To Re-Calibrate?

    Your Leadership Has A Ripple Effect In The Flow Of Life And Business!

    The past few months have revealed a deep desire for a different pace, more connection with wisdom, and an approach to earning money that is more authentically you. . . . Yes, you want to make money. But you want to do that in ways that fit with who you really are. It's time for a BREAKTHROUGH!

    Money Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough

    There's a new paradigm in leadership - a more authentic, playful, and creative one.

    As a business owner, you were playing business by rules that no longer work - it's time to re-write those rules to fit you!

    Leadership is about relationship. It's about co-creating coordinated movement with the people and dynamics like time, money, and energy in the direction you wish to go.

  • The Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough addresses key areas of leadership that once developed, put you and your business on a new trajectory. Breakthrough outdated beliefs holding you back from freedom in time and money. Experience increased energy as a result of the work you do.

    This six-week class takes business owners and professionals deep into the dynamics of money, time, and energy to break out of the box that no longer works - Only you define you - There's a hard right turn for you and we are here to help you lean into it for the flow and freedom you desire!

  • Join Us To Rejuvenate So You Can Reimagine And Re-Create

    Your Business And Life Each Week!

    Join us each Friday beginning October 2nd for six weeks at 11am CT / 1pm ET to transform your business AND your life!

    Find Flow In Your Time

    Stop Managing Time -

    START Living Fully In The Present

    Time is not an external dynamic to manage, it is an internal dynamic that you control, it only takes a simple shift in your thinking to create abundance in time.

    Make the shift to create more time in your day.

    Find Flow In Your Relationship With Money

    Money is the life blood of business.

    Money is an energetic flow - remove roadblocks for money to find you.

    Establish a new healthy, empowered relationship with money.

    What do you want your business to reflect about you?

    Your business is a reflection of you.

    Discover what your time, money, and environments reflect about you.

    Design your days with flow and alignment to find balance and happiness in each day.


    Recreate Your Business (And You) With Ease

    The world looks different now, how do you fit into that new "normal?"

    How to keep your "batteries" charged for greater productivity.

    Learn techniques from the Art world to jump start creative thinking and strengthen your voice as a leader.

    Discover how to ReCreate yourself and your business.business with ease.

    Your Business Is An Entity With Body, Mind, and Spirit

    Find vigor, lightness and peace in your role as leader.

    Where you focus expands - What is grabbing your attention?
    Managing your energy is imperative as a leader. Awareness is key and once you become aware of your inner dynamics - you can master your results!

  • Lora Newman, founder of Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching

    Is pleased to introduce a new virtual workshop for business owners ready to re-create their role into one that aligns with who they really are, so that they move forward through the uncertainty with clarity and confidence. And the most unique part? HORSES HELP HUMANS BREAKTHROUGH from the comfort of home!

  • The Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough

    Increase Revenue & Experience More Freedom

    Check out what past participants are saying...

    Kerry Norman, Mortgage Specialist, MO

    "The Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough gives you a broader perspective of your business, and it's valuable to see what and how you work from those facets. It also clears self-imposed ceilings, those hidden limitations we place on our capacity for success. Reaching for higher goals doesn't seem so daunting now!

    It gave me the opportunity to see the process from the client’s standpoint and see what’s important. What is working and what needs to change."

    Sativa Boatman-Sloan, Attorney, MO

    "The Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough was definitely a good investment of my time. I realized just how much I've accomplished since the original 48. I should have done this a year ago!

    I now have direction and clarity about the next steps I should be implementing to take my company to the next level."

    Aaron Miller, Attorney, TX

    "The Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough opened my eyes further in where and how I hold myself back in the dynamics of time and results. I am now much more intentional in my work day and confident in handing off work to my team. Who knew I could end the day feeling far more productive and energetic?!"

    Susan Hunter, Attorney, Indiana

    "“The investment of both time and money in the Ripple Effect ~ Business Breakthrough is absolutely worth it!”